Signs of Damage

No matter where you are in South Florida property damage is a fact of life. Here are some facts about the damage that you need to know!


Signs of Mold Damage

Strange Smells Even once the visible loss from water damage has been fixed, a musty odor that lingers can indicate the presence of mold in your home. Respiratory Issues – Mold can lower the quality of the air in a building and cause unexpected reactions like mild breathing issues, sneezing, and coughing. Respiratory Issues Mold can lower the quality of the air in a building and cause unexpected reactions like mild breathing issues, sneezing, and coughing. Dark Spots or Staining Shadowy spots , staining, or dark patches in the corners of your home can be another sign of mold damage. Heat & Humidity Is your home constantly warm and/or humid? These are prime conditions for your home to develop potential mold problems.

Mold Damage Facts

Each year mold destroys more wood than all fires and termites combined.

At least 45 million buildings in the United States have unhealthy levels of mold.

Exposure to moldy and damp environments may cause a variety of minor to major health effects.

Mold needs food, a suitable location, and moisture in order to grow.

These are some of the largest warning signs for mold in your home, but they’re not the only ones. If you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home, but have no idea where to begin, Brickhouse Inspections is here to help!

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Signs of Water Damage

Warped Walls Do your walls bulge, bubble, or curve? Ongoing water damage can lead to your walls bulging as a result of a leak and will need to be fixed before the damage gets worse. Running or Dripping Water if you’re hearing water running or dripping even when all of the taps are turned off, you may have a hidden leak in the walls of your home. Water Stains taining on ceilings, walls, and flooring can show up as a result of water leaks or plumbing and sewage backup. Condensation Pooling around your air conditioning unit or condensation on the unit or registers can be a sure sign of an AC leak, which can cause extensive water damage to a property.

Water Damage Facts

Unattended water damage that leads to sitting water can quickly turn unsanitary and develop pathogens.

Floods are ranked as the #1 natural disaster in the United States.

A small crack in a pipe can result in as many as 250 gallons of water spilling every day

The amount of water lost in property leaks across the US every year can be more than ONE TRILLION gallons!

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Effects of Fire

Odor Residual odor can linger in the air and on furniture following a fire. Ozone treatment is one of the essential solutions to clear the air in your home in the days following a fire. Damaged Wiring Leave your major appliances and electronics alone. While your first instinct may be to check to see if they still work, fire can warp and destroy the inner workings of your devices and appliances while leaving the outside looking fine Smoke Within minutes of the initial flame, thick black smoke can fill an entire house, lowering visibility and leaving behind damage on walls, ceilings and the items in your home. Water Damage Did you know that the water used to put out a fire can cause more damage than the fire itself? This includes causing structural damage to the home

Fire Damage Facts

A fire report from the fire department makes it easier to file insurance claims! Never forget to ask for a copy of yours!

After a fire, residue will linger on walls, furniture, and flooring and will require special cleaning procedures.

Broken windows and doors, holes in walls, and damaged furniture are forms of post-fire damage that will need to be removed following a fire.

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