Fire Damage Restoration A fire accident can sometimes be an extremely frightening and traumatizing experience, it can cause a lot of damage and loss of property. Even after the flames are extinguished a lot of damage is already caused by the flames and in such case, fire damage Restoration is done.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

After the Fire Damage, an effective emergency response is made to facilitate and recover as much property as possible to reduce the loss. In such cases, dry chemicals or water are used for Fire Damage Cleanup.

The process of fire damage Restoration includes water Restoration, mitigating damage, smoke damage cleanup, etc.

 They also look for damage that is not visible or structural

This process of Fire Damage Restoration depends upon a lot of factors like the type of property damaged, the extent of damage caused and the amount of time passed after the accident.

Fire Damage Restoration Miami

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Factors Taken Into Consideration For Recovery

  • Fire Damage Restoration cost

  • Replacement cost for burned personal items

  • Loss of value 

  • Damage is caused due to smoke and heat.

  • Decreased life expectancy due to high flames.

  • Sentimental value etc.

  • Insurance Policy Coverage

  • Fire Damage Policy Coverage

  • Out of pocket deductible Fire Damage Coverage

Process Of Fire Damage Restoration

Process Of Inspection

Once the damage has been caused the property is assessed thoroughly and notes are prepared according to the damage caused by fire, smoke, etc. The amount of water damage is also taken into consideration. All this process is done by the technicians and once they assess all the damages correctly further procedures begin.

Fire Damage Cleanup And Removal

When a fire accident happens they tend to damage a lot of items such as furniture, personal belongings, appliances, etc. So in the cleaning procedure all such damaged items are removed from the house. If any item is determined to be repaired it is kept aside by the technicians for clean-up and restored later.

Stabilization Of Property

In order to secure a few parts of the house such as the roof of the home and structural core, the professionals secure the house with board up services and roof tarping to stabilize it during the restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration – Property Water damage as a result of the fire mitigation efforts

The damage caused by the water is also removed and stored by the Fire Damage Restoration professionals. They dry out all the affected areas using their drying equipment. After the above three procedures smoke damage Restoration, disinfection, and final Restoration is done. In the final stage of the restoration process, all the repairing is done to bring back the original condition of the house. part of the restoration process is the Water Damage Cleanup and dry out of the house or property.

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