Water Damage Restoration Services

Facing a water damage in your property? Here is what you need to know

water damage cleanup

Signs of Mold Damage as a result of flood and water damage that was not handled properly can lead to major damage in your home.

Water Damage Restoration cleanup steps

Call a a water damage company to help with water removal

Make sure the place is dried out and that the dry out process is being handled properly

Check for signs of mold and mold development

Make sure the mold is being handled properly as well.

There many more steps in between the dry out and the cleanup that we at Brickhouse perform at the property. call us today so we can assist you with water damage cleanup and restoration.

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Signs of Water Damage

Warped Walls Do your walls bulge, bubble, or curve? Ongoing water damage can lead to your walls bulging as a result of a leak and will need to be fixed before the damage gets worse. Running or Dripping Water if you’re hearing water running or dripping even when all of the taps are turned off, you may have a hidden leak in the walls of your home. Water Stains tainting on ceilings, walls, and flooring can show up as a result of water leaks or plumbing and sewage backup. Condensation Pooling around your air conditioning unit or condensation on the unit or registers can be a sure sign of an AC leak, which can cause extensive water damage to a property.

The amount of water lost in property leaks across the US every year can be more than ONE TRILLION gallons!

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Water Damage Did you know that the water used to put out a fire can cause more damage than the fire itself? This includes

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