1 – Facts And Fear: Are Mold Spores Dangerous? 

Mold is a major problem across the United States and impacts millions of homes and businesses every day. While mold is natural – there are around a hundred thousand different species of mold in nature, and the vast majority aren’t found in homes – it’s not something that the majority of property owners want in their building. 

Potential physical health issues are one of the main reasons why mold makes a very unwelcome guest, but most homeowners don’t have all the facts about how mold may affect them!

In this blog, we’re going to lay out the facts about how mold can potentially serve up health risks, help you to push aside your fears, and talk about how our team here at Brickhouse Inspections can help you when you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home or business.

Let’s start by tackling some frequently asked questions:


How does mold form?


For starters: mold forms when conditions are perfect. It needs temperatures over 39° F, access to oxygen, organic or carbon-containing materials it can digest, and plenty of water. 

Mold’s most ideal temperatures are between 77° F and 86° F, and it thrives when that warmth is followed by moisture. If your home is hot and humid or you’ve just had a leak or flood, conditions are ripe for mold growth.


Where does mold form?


Mold grows in places that have a lot of moisture! So, if you have a roof, windows, or pipes that have been leaking or you have had flooding across your home, if the proper measures aren’t taken: mold may form. When it comes to surfaces, mold grows best on paper products (including cardboard), ceiling tiles, and wood products. However, mold can also grow across a wide variety of surfaces and objects, from drywall and fabric to dust and paint


Is it possible to look at mold and know that it’s dangerous?


Unfortunately, on your own, there’s no way for you to just look at a patch of mold in your home or business and know if it’s dangerous.

However: Experts, like our inspection team here at Brickhouse Inspections, can use advanced testing to identify what specific mold types are in a particular building. As experts, we’re equipped to know what kinds of molds are dangerous and what steps need to be taken to remove them from your home or business if they are present. 


What health problems can mold cause?


Here’s the thing: we don’t know that there’s a direct link between mold and illnesses. We’ve seen an association between mold exposure and some health symptoms – such as coughing, wheezing, asthma in people who have asthma already – but no actual proof that mold directly causes those issues. 

If you’re already sick or sensitive – or very young/old or pregnant – mold can make your life difficult and exacerbate existing health issues you may have in your upper respiratory system. If you suspect that you or your loved ones and employees are sick because of mold, however, see a doctor for your health and reach out to Brickhouse Inspections to schedule an inspection.


How scared should I be of mold?


All across the internet are dramatic blog posts urging homeowners to be frightened if they even suspect the presence of a small amount of mold. After all, these posts point out; you could be dealing with black mold or another form of “toxic” mold that’s going to take your family hostage and put your health at serious risk…

However, here’s the thing: while a fear of mold (known as mycophobia) is absolutely reasonable to an extent, there’s no need to spend your time looking into cabinets and stressing about mold. While many people can be sensitive to mold, mold exposure doesn’t usually lead to people’s health problems without that sensitivity to mold. 

Mold Damage can be a problem. If needed contact your insurance carrier and file a Mold Damage claim


What’s the first thing I should do if I think my home or business has mold?


If you’re concerned about the presence of mold in your home or business, don’t get scared: get help. If you can find the source of your mold problem, call an expert on mold removal for help planning your next steps. If you can’t find the source of that musty smell and you’re concerned about the wood in your building being damaged, as a result, call in an expert like our team to assess the extent of your mold problem. We can help you by finding the source of the mold and take the necessary next steps in making your home mold-free.  

So how can Brickhouse Inspections help you with your mold problem?

If you can’t figure out the source of a strange musty smell in your home or you have persistent dampness that isn’t explained by the South Florida heat, you need to begin with mold assessors that know where to start the search. At Brickhouse Inspections, we’re experts at getting to the root of a potential problem. We provide full-scale inspections for your property to make sure that we find your mold problem. 

Don’t think you have a mold problem? No problem! Brickhouse Inspections also offers a wide variety of services, including roof tarping, fire damage restoration, and water damage mitigation! Reach out today to find out how we can help you!