Mold inspection is one of the most essential services that a homeowner or home buyer should know. Why? Because molds are very dangerous to our health, excessive molds are not pleasing to the eye. Basically, we need to take action whenever we see signs of molds in a certain home space. Technically, inspections happen when we buy or remodel a certain home or establishment. With this, the inspector will assess every nook and cranny to ensure that the house is ready. Any build-up of moisture is extremely dangerous to our health. Coincidentally, Brickhouse Inspections has a reliable team for any mold issues. Our team can do mold removal and remedial services that are beneficial.  Mold and Its Effects Are you a homeowner? Perhaps a home buyer? Did you know that excessive mold in our homes can be very dangerous to our health? We need to schedule a mold inspection service. With this, we can ensure that everything is in good condition. First, we need to know what mold are and what their effects are. Mold are fungi that thrive on moisture. Meaning, excessive mold will release spores that can float through the air. Of course, small build-ups are not dangerous. Yet, we should address the issue immediately. A small issue may lead to a dangerous situation when left untreated. Thus, growing mold have the potential to spread throughout the house. Meaning, it can cause health issues, damages, and excessive repair costs. As homeowners, we need to take action and prevent the mold from spreading. Partnering with a mold testing company will surely change the whole story. Brickhouse Inspections offers Mold Inspection in Broward County. Of course, seeking professional help can minimize the occurrence of damages caused by the mold. When Do We Need To Schedule A Mold Inspection and Testing? The existence of mold is an indication that a home needs a thorough inspection. We need to heed the advice given by mold inspectors to avoid it from happening again. There are various reasons why mold occurs. And it is very important to address any mold issue before it gets worse. Mold inspection is a must-need service if we notice a foul smell in the surrounding areas. Thus, the inspector will collect a variety of samples for testing purposes. Mold testing can provide an accurate result about what causes the issue. With this, a mold inspection can help will all the inspection and testing procedures. Brickhouse – Mold Inspection and Testing Services Brickhouse offers various services covering both residential and commercial establishments. Here are some of the services that we offer: Mold Inspection and Assessment At Brickhouse, we aim to seek the root cause of the issue. So, we use the latest tools and technology during the inspection. We do a visual inspection, hydrometric readings, and mold samples. With this, we can assess the situation and repairs based on the results. After a thorough inspection, we follow remediation protocols to fix the issues. Thus, our team will do follow-ups or a post-remediation to verify that everything is right on track. Mold Testing After the inspection, mold samples are subject to testing at our labs for analysis. These mold samples are critically examined including the mold spores that circulate. The results can help in identifying what solution and repair to do. Water Damage Mitigation Water-clogging of water lines can cause issues like mold, dry rot, and structural damages. To avoid such, we do mitigation services to address all line issues. We strive to avoid future damages on these lines to prevent the occurrence of mold. Fire Damage Restoration Fire damages are one of the things that we need to restore. Basically, fire damages can cause clogging and leaks on the water lines and even at the walls. Before it causes mold to proliferate, our team will repair it and will prevent it from happening again. The Leading Company for Mold Inspection in Broward County Brickhouse Inspection has been in the field for how many years. We have various services that can be a great help during house transfers and remodeling. Also, our team can do mold inspection anytime. Dealing with Insurance company for mold damage claims. Mold damage can come in various ways such as bathroom mold removal or Black mold in your kitchen or inside your wall as a result of burst pipes. Hiring a Public adjuster in Broward county might be your way to go when dealing with a mold damage insurance claim.   Now, Mold Inspection in Miami will no longer be an issue. Call our team or visit Brickhouse inspections.