A house that is suffering from mold contamination should be resolved right away or else it will spread even worse and can cause health issues and surface damages. According to research, molds can evade a property as quickly in 72 hours especially when the weather is humid. Hiring a swift and reliable mold expert is the smart thing to do in order to prevent the mold from spreading.  Cleaning a mold contamination by yourself is a huge risk to your health because molds can be toxic particularly in the lungs. Moreover, hiring mold experts can detect the source where the mold pollution started and terminate it so that the mold won’t spread anymore. Thus, a mold removal appointment should be booked immediately once you notice the blackish or greenish filaments inside your house.  If you are looking for mold remediation in Miami, the most reliable and virtuous in cleaning is Brickhouse Inspection. Over the years, our company has consistently provided the finest and most accurate mold removal in our clients’ homes. Our primary goal is to make our customers satisfied and so we continue to practice and offer a skillful and perfect mold remediation on different kinds of surfaces.  Signs that you need to hire a mold removal expert Knowing what a mold is and how it grows can help you in dealing with it. Mold is a type of fungi that has small filaments that have colors of black, green, blue, or white. It typically thrives in humid or moist areas or in places with poor ventilation or air flow. And usually grows on surfaces like walls, carpet, cardboard, ceilings, wooden walls, dusted floors, or in between the furniture.  Molds are easy to distinguish if you know their characteristics. Since they tend to grow more in moist environments, leaks or spilled drinks can cause the formation of molds. Dirty and dusted places can also give birth to this type of fungus especially when the weather is humid or you have no proper air ventilator at home. The spores can easily attract the liquid and create the toxic fungi.  Here are the following signs that you should look out for:
  1. Visual picture of mold infection on the surfaces of your house
  2. Weird smell caused by the fungus
  3. Throat irritation or other health-related issues
  4. Water leaks on certain parts of the house.
If ever you stumble upon these signs, call a mold expert immediately to check, assess, and remove any presence of mold at your house. Mold Removal Services in Miami Brickhouse Inspection is the go-to mold remediation in Broward County, Florida. We are certified and well-equipped for removing molds and restoring damages perfectly. Apart from that we conduct a safe and effective fungus removal and even detect the source which causes the spreading.  If you have a mold at your place, do not hesitate to call an expert to deal with the damage. Your own health should be your top priority thus, hiring an excellent mold removal specialist is the smart thing to do.  Here is a list of our Mold Remediation Services that we offer in f:
    1. We have Professional and Licensed Mold Specialists – our mold experts are all highly-trained and have enough credentials to be trusted with the cleaning and restoring responsibilities. 
    2. We offer a 24/7 Mold Removal Services – time is everything in mold remediation and who else can understand this, but us, the Brickhouse Inspection. Mold has a reputation of building quickly and causing inconvenience to the homeowners. Thus, it is important to be always on time and make sure to always do fast-paced work and still finish with an excellent outcome. 
  • Affordable Rates – we assure you that the services we provide are always on the budget and what you pay will be surely compensated. 
  • Excellent Clean up and Restoration Services – the exciting part of experiencing a mold issue is being able to access excellent cleanup and restoration services. On this part, a well-trained mold expert will handle the cleaning and assure us that all damages are restored and fixed. 
If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call us at 305-614-2001! We make sure to answer all of your mold queries and give you the best mold remediation performance in Broward County, Florida.