Mold is a fungus that can grow in the walls of your house or property. It is dangerous to human health when ignored because mold can cause health issues like cough, sneeze, and eye or throat irritation. It is recommended to keep your house clean and safe from growing molds.  Calling a Mold Specialist is the first thing that you need to do in order to deal with the mold issue. The specialist will conduct a mold testing to identify the specific type of mold that is invading your place. Checking to see if you have a mold in your property will prevent further damages and health issues. It is a good preventive measure as well when you are moving into a new place because you can stop any mold growth formation immediately.    There are several mold testing facilities that can help you assess and cease the chances of mold formation at your house. But before you get into hiring a mold testing company, read this article to enlighten you with the matter and answer all your mold queries.  What is a mold and how does it form? As mentioned, mold is a type of fungi that has small organisms/filaments called hyphae. It is considered to be a pollutant because it causes intrusion of bacteria or dirt and health problems. This type of fungi can grow anywhere, may it be outside or inside your house, molds thrive anywhere as long as the environment is moisty or highly humid.    It would be difficult to remove all the molds once they infiltrated one area and started to grow enormously. In a circumstance like that, you have to be careful because molds emit air pollution that can cause chronic allergies, severe irritation, asthma, or toxic reactions. The chances of these health issues turning into a severe condition is dependent on your wellness and how large the molds living at your place. Plus, another negative effect of having mold is it produces destructive bad odor. Brickhouse Inspections - Mold Testing By keeping your house clean and dry, you can eliminate any formation of mold. Regularly cleaning any liquid spills, repairing water leaks, and having a filtration system should help in dealing and preventing mold growth. This preventive measure will not only keep you healthy, it also forbids occurring damages in your house’s surface.   When to Hire a Mold Testing Specialist? Seeing mold on surfaces is an obvious reason to call a Mold Specialist who can address the situation. However, there are instances where the molds are only evident when they get worse, showing stains and health issues. There are times when this fungus grows on surfaces that you cannot see. It could be between the walls, under the sink, or basements. Wherever it is, there are ways to know when you should hire a mold specialist.   
  1. When you recently had water leak damage and the area did not dry up quickly. Any places that are drenched in liquid and do not dry up quickly is an opportunity for molds to contaminate the area. 
  2. When a house or apartment has not been occupied for a long period of time. It is only normal for molds to grow in abandoned places. So given the situation that you moved into an old or another house, don’t forget to hire mold testing specialists. 
  3. When your house just got recovered from a mold incident. The proper thing to do in order to fully recover from a mold incident is to have a regular testing until the results were negative at a significant time. 
  4. When of course, you obviously see a mold. Molds are easy to notice because they have filaments and the color is usually green, black, blue, or white. 
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