Water Damage Clean Up

After a terrible flood, the water submerges inside the woods and damages the property. People who think of rebuilding their property immediately after the flood are probably doing wrong, as this can cause insect infestation, mold growth deterioration of wall coverings and woods, etc. So, Water Damage Restoration is the ultimate solution.

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is a service that helps in removing the excess water from your house and restoring it and bringing it back to its pre-damaged condition after the water damage has been done. The restoration process is a must as the excess water and moisture can create bacteria and infections.

Water Damage Clean up And Repair

Before the water damages all the properties it is important to take immediate action and call Water Damage Restoration services quickly.

These professionals immediately respond and take necessary actions and use their advanced techniques and equipment to remove the water from the house. 

They also monitor and examine all the documents and the property which is damaged and after the verification, they start drying it thoroughly.

Process Of Water Damage Restoration In Miami

Contacting the professionals – Call Brickhouse Inspections for a prompt Response

The moment you realize that the flood has created a lot of Water Damage you must immediately contact the emergency helpline number as the customer care services are active 24 hours a day and they dispatch the nearest professionals to your house immediately.

Assessment Process- 

Before taking the action the professionals follow these steps – 

  • Identifying the source of water and stopping it.

  • Identifying the type of water. Sometimes the water is contaminated.

  • Inspection of the premises and survey.

  • Block furniture

Process Of Water Extraction – 

Under this process, the professionals remove the majority of the water from your property to reduce the drying time and prevent secondary water damage. They use vacuums and other equipment to remove the water in bulk.

Drying Process- 

Even after drying out the maximum area still few areas are left wet. In such a situation the professionals manipulate temperature to remove the remaining moisture from the property and for this, they use dehumidification equipment.

Water Damage Cleanup – 

After cleaning all the belongings and restorable items damaged by the water they also remove the odor and sanitize all the items. This process includes dry cleaning, wet cleaning, wiping, foam cleaning, immersion cleaning, etc.

The Final Water Damage Restoration Process –

The final step is to bring back the property to its pre-damage condition.

This process involves installing new carpet, reconstruction, minor and major repairs, replacement, etc. It is advised to remove or replace the most porous building materials with new materials during the Water Damage Clean up

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