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BrickHouse Inspections is a full service, Mold testing, Water Damage & Fire Mitigation, and Roof Tarping company serving All South Florida!

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As common as property damage is, it can be difficult for folks to know when their property has hidden damage from water or mold or how to start the recovery process once a fire tears through their property

Brickhouse Inspections is here to Help!

Water Damage Restoration Experts

We’re a South Florida-based team of experts that provide mold testing as well as water damage Restoration and fire restoration to ensure that your home or property is back at pre-loss conditions following a disaster or accident!

With our emergency service, 24-hour turnaround times, and direct-to-insurance billing, we make it easy for you to sit back while we get to the source and resolve the issues.

We serve ALL of South Florida!

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Services we offer

Brickhouse Inspections offers a range of services to residential and commercial clients that include:

Mold Inspection and Assessment

We discover the source of the mold in your property using the latest and most advanced technology to perform visual inspections, hygrometric Readings, and our testing utilizes mold sampling to provide definitive lab results.

Remediation Protocols

Upon discovering mold in your property, we’ll put together a remediation protocol that a mold remediator is required to follow in order to get your home back to its original condition.

Post-Remediation Verification

Following remediation, Brickhouse Inspections’ expert team will provide a final clearance inspection to ensure that the remediation has been correctly completed and that your home has been successfully returned to its original condition.

Water Damage Mitigation

Following water damage such as flooding, leaks, or plumbing backups, we’ll work to prevent further water damage while providing water extraction, clean up, drying services, and dehumidification. When a home’s building materials are waterlogged, it can create residual underlying problems including mold, dry rot, and structural damage. Our goal is to make sure that damage is handled fast so no long term damage develops.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration – Fires can be devastating. In the aftermath of a fire, our highly trained fire restoration technicians are available for expedited damage assessments, smoke, odor and soot removal, air purification, and the careful pack-out of damaged items for cleaning and restoration.

Tarping Services

Weather events such as hurricanes, storms, or tornadoes are all too common in Florida, creating damage to your roof and leaving you with leaks. To avoid further damage and water from getting further into your property, let us place a temporary tarp. Our quality tarping services provide multiple roof leaking solutions from the traditional blue tarp to a durable heat-shrunk option. These solutions are available for properties across ALL South Florida.

Crime Scene Cleanup

In your time of need, Brickhouse is here to provide compassionate and effective clean up following a criminal act, trauma or biohazard or crime scene cleanup We are dedicated to assisting property owners, managers, or law enforcement following the result of a tragedy, accident or crime.

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About Us

Brickhouse Inspections is a team of preferred certified Mold Assessors that services Broward County, Miami Dade, Palm Beach, Indian River, Monroe, Martin, Lee, Collier, and St. Lucie Counties, providing in-depth mold inspection, testing, and post-remediation verification services for residential and commercial clients.

Our property damage teams specialize in water damage mitigation and fire restoration services across ALL of South Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Following damage to your property, our team will ensure that your home or property is safe for you, your family, or staff after a disaster. If you need help with Mold Damage, Water Damage remediation and restoration.

We offer 24-hour turnaround times and provide direct-to-insurance billing!

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